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i got more and more excited until i saw The download link is removed

i think i am going to make a game out of this and post it on

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  maybe....

Looks like this project is dead but it looks pretty nice, hope the dev will return back.


4 image, what league is? is it c#?

wheres the downnload?

make the next softwear version

cool but i need a download link to start making my 2 player game

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nada ver

The Download link is not available 

Thanks for your comments, These problems will be fix in next version.


Hey, my BitDefender detected a virus in your thunder2d-1.2.exe file. Virus name:

Good news:

HTML5 export will be added soon...

Hello Rubik Games,

I have thunder2D but there's a little problem with the app, when I start the app, I cant start making my first project but I can only save, add new, and open a project or scene. Do you know why its not working on my Windows 10 computer?

If you give me a solution, I would like to pay a fair amount but I don't have real money on computer, even though my dad cant let me use one of his credit/debit card but he doesn't have one card like one of those.

A working and perfect solution would do.



Good news:

New software update (v1.2) released!

Good news:

New software update (v1.1) released!

u can use it for other thing too